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Book Writing Infographic

Fall 2021

The purpose of the infographic was to deliver a step-by-step guide for writing a book. Research suggests that many people have considered writing their own book but find it difficult To start. An infographic is a perfect way to deliver key steps and suggestions to someone who needs help when it comes to writing their first book.

Elements such as color, type, and line connect each unique section that represents a step in the process. The primary color palette used throughout the infographic includes the complimentary colors teal and red. Teal is versatile with different shades used in the graphics for both the grass and sky. It has meanings connected to communication and calming effects. Red is used to color the cute, stylized people and symbolizes courage. The viewers project onto the characters and see themselves tackling their book-writing task. Black is another color found throughout the infographic in thick strokes help to create a theme reminiscent of a comic. Symbols such as arrows and the doodle style bring in elements from notetaking.The bold sans serif font Roc Grotesk is used in headings and subheadings pushes the comic visuals further. Another font, called Marydale, looks handwritten and appeals to the comic motif.

The graphics are created in Adobe Illustrator for the infographic and link the text together and keep the viewer’s attention. Arrows found throughout the infographic lead the viewers eye through the text. The consistency of all the elements and playful imagery create a memorable and useful infographic.


Type & Swatches

Type and swatch studies for bookwriting infographic

Type studies and swatches used in infographic

1st & 2nd Versions

First infographic version with only step 1 and the beginning of step 2

First infographic version

Second infographic version with only step 1 and the beginning of step 2

Second infographic version with more colors and a different title style

3rd & 4th Versions

Third infographic version complete with steps 1 through 6 and sources

Third version with complete infographic

Revised fourth infographic version complete with steps 1 through 6 and altered sources

Fourth version with revisions to make it more legible and colorful

Final Version

Final version of Bookwriting infographic

Finalized version of bookwriting infographic