Mug with color version of Vacatastic logo and a white version as well as a black version to the right of the mug

Vacatastic Logo

Fall 2021

Vacatastic is a conceptual travel agency with a focus on beach-themed vacations. I knew that I wanted to incorporate that into the logo. Visuals of waves, trees, planes, and more were considered while designing the logo. Ultimately, a symbol representing a wave washing up on the beach in the shape of a 'V' was used.

The logo is the basis for the branding and uses blue and yellow. Both colors can be found in other aspects of Vacatastic branding. The main font for the logo is a script, handwritten font called Dolce and the subfont is called Loos Normal. These fonts can be found in the rest of Vacatastic's branding similar to the color palette.


Type & Swatches

Type and swatch studies for Vacatastic logo

Type and swatches used in Vacatastic logo


Concept sketches of Vacatastic logo

Concept sketches of Vacatastic logo

1st Version

First version of Vacatastic logo

The first version has a notch in the V, a different secondary font, and a lighter yellow

Final Version

Final version of Vacatastic logo

The "V" in Vacatastic was changes, the secondary font was changed, and the yellow was changed to be brighter in the final logo