Two laptops and a phone displaying vacatastic website

Vacatastic Brochure

Fall 2021

Vacatastic is a conceptual travel agency that appeals to clients that want to go vacation with their family.It is child-friendly and makes it easy to create an itinerary. Vacastic offers multiple packages and services to make the vacation planning process as simple and efficient as possible with the best results.

The Vacatastic website provides information about the brick-and-mortar business more accessible and extends the outreach to potential clients. It provides information about Vacatastic’s history, goals, vacation packages, services, and products. It was coded with the Bootstrap 4 framework. It utilizes the navbar class to make the site easy to navigate. The carousel class allows multiple groups of important information such as announcements and specials to be displayed first.

The site follows the Vacatastic brand also found in the logo, brochure, and packaging. It has blue to represent the water element and the yellow to represent sand and the sun. Many of the photos show vivid beach scenery and families to appeal to the target audience. The fonts are different from the brochure and the packaging because they are web safe. The headings match the Sans Serif subheads in the brochure while the body text is a serif font. Both contribute to readability. Overall, the Vacatastic website is a good representation of the business’s values and is continuous with the theme that is consistently presented in other aspects of the branding.

Vacatastic Site


Type & Swatches

Type and swatch studies of Vacatastic website

Type studies and swatches found in Vacatastic website


Wireframe of one-page Vacatastic website

Wireframe of site made in Adobe XD


1st Version

First version of coded website with some missing photos

First version of website coded with Bootstrap 4

2nd Version

Second version of website with all the information

Second version of website that is finished

Final Version

Final version of the site with updated logo and color palette

Screenshot of final version of Vacatastic website