Vedda event sell sheet, one page sell sheet, and Every Door Direct Mail infographic on an orange background

Vedda Printing Design Work

Spring 2023

During the spring semester and into the summer, I interned at Vedda Printing. Vedda Printing is a family-owned printing company. They recently delved into the world of Direct to Garment and Direct to Film printing, and my main role during my internship was as a Direct to Garment printer. However, I also had some graphic design tasks.

The first item I designed was a sell sheet that lists all of the services offered at Vedda. The sheet includes a blurb describing the background of the company and some examples of what they have printed for clients.

The second piece I designed was a smaller half-sheet that advertises to client who are interested in collateral for events. It lists some items they may want to consider for a table they set up. It also includes social media and contact information for Vedda.

The third item I designed for Vedda printing was a Every Door Direct Mail infographic. The infographic explains what EDDM is, talks about the perks, and encourages businesses to look into it as an advertising option.

Finally, I designed a logo for a marketing strategy Vedda recently adopted that they call "VeddaBoost". It includes multiple ways to advertise and to track mail./p>

Vedda Printing Website
Vedda Printing sell sheet with all services listed  and examples.

One-page sell sheet designed with Vedda Branding

Every Door Direct Mail infographic that explains what EDDM is and why businesses should consider it

Infographic about Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

smaller sell sheet specifically aimed at people looking for items they need for an event

6 in x 4 in sheet advertising to businesses doing events

Vedda Boost Logo

Vedda Boost Logo